Service Delivery Achievements

Objective 1

Increase service coverage of comprehensive, high quality, integrated, PMTCT services up to all HC III and functional HC II in the 40 districts.

PREFA’s planned activities for the year July 2010 to June 2011, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the respective implementing partners (district local governments and PNFP Hospitals)  included continued PMTCT service delivery. These included (logistics and supplies management; monitoring, technical support and supervision) with close PREFA support in 26 districts and emergency support in 14 other districts of the central region, as well as planning for the next 12 months of integrated PMTCT activities in all 40 districts; this would then guide districts in making work plans by the partners. Between (July 01, 2010 to June 30, 2011)

PREFA targeted to support comprehensive PMTCT services to reach 576,486 pregnant women with routine HCT and identify 39,915 HIV infected women for further PMTCT interventions. All HIV infected women would receive ARV prophylaxis. A total of 35,924 (90%) HIV infected women would receive Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis, 31,932 (80%) would have CD4 tests to screen for ART eligibility; and 31,932 (80%) of expected HIV positive deliveries) of all HIV exposed babies would be tested for HIV by PCR. Health workers at facility and community level would keep track of 19,958 (50%) mothers and babies and 27,941(70%) would be referred for HIV care services. A total of 648 health facilities (108%) of the target (628) health facilities in the districts were supported to provide PMTCT services. How- ever, PMTCT services were provided at 614 (97.7%) of the target health facilities. An additional 34 (5.2%) of PREFA supported health facilities received sup- port to provide PMTCT services but did not develop full capacity for PMTCT service provision (did not have ARVs on site). The major accomplishments for the year under review per objective were as follows: A total of 40 PREFA-supported districts submitted an integrated PMTCT, RH, FP, and gender work plan. All 40 districts as well as 3 PNFP (Rubaga Hos- pital, Kibuli Muslim Hospital and St. Raphael of St. Francis Nsambya Hospital) and 4 regional hospitals (Arua Regional Referral Hospital, Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital and Soroti Regional Referral Hospital) received to June 2011, in collaboration with the Ministry of funding amounting to UGX 6,251,532,312 (USD Health and the respective implementing partners 3,125,766) for the period of July 01, 2010 to June 30,  2011.

[expand title=”Read All”]A total of 648 health facilities up to HC II level, (103.2%) of target 628 health facilities in the 40 districts that provide ANC services were equipped and provided quality, comprehensive, and effective PMTCT services on-site to pregnant mothers. All 648 health facilities had skilled staff for PMTCT service provision and reported to PREFA and MOH for the 12 months. During the year 590 health care workers successfully completed a 5 day course on PMTCT-EID strength- ening and updates, and also mentored on site. Trainers were mainly MOH accredited trainers and mentors, district TOT and mentors as well as PREFA trained TOTs. The trainees included Nursing officers PROTECTING FAMILIES AGAINST HIV/AIDS (PREFA) ers, Enrolled nurses and midwives, Laboratory Tech- districts were conducted by PREFA in collaboration nicians and Assistants, Clinical Officers, Dispensers, with MOH. and Doctors. PREFA procured the planned annual buffer stock needs of key PMTCT supplies. The items included ARV tablets and syrups or suspension for PMTCT clients, HIV test kits, vacutainers, needles and infection control materials and were distributed to 648 health facilities providing PMTCT services.
The 40 districts continued to send samples to JCRC testing centers where 8,560 samples were tested for CD4 levels; the districts also received results of CD4 and PCR tests. The DHT, teamed with PREFA staff, accomplished the planned quarterly support supervisions to health facilities providing ANC services in the 40 districts. In all districts, health workers were mentored on data utilization and PMTCT supplies quantification and ordering at facility level.[/expand]

Increase uptake of comprehensive PMTCT services from 65% to 80% of all expected pregnant women in the 40 districts.

All HCII with midwives and providing ANC services in the 40 districts received monthly outreach visits for integrated services from higher level facilities. This further increased access to PMTCT services for those women who could not reach the HC III or higher facilities for services. PREFA’s strategy to increase uptake of PMTCT services includes social mobilization and guidance. Districts conducted radio sessions with each district conducting at least 1 radio talk show per month. The topics discussed included issues on male involvement, discordance, Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (MTCT), Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT), and HIV counseling and Testing (HCT). PREFA supported 1,774 VHTs that reached commu- nities with prevention messages and plans are under way to scale up to other PREFA supported districts. Monthly HSD coordination meetings and quarterly district coordination meetings were conducted by all districts. Support supervision and outreaches from HSDs to lower levels were conducted on a monthly basis. Technical visits to the implementing sites and  districts were conducted by PREFA in collaboration with MOH