PREFA trains Youth Champions ((YCs) and Peer Counsellors (PCs) to work with health workers to deliver youth-friendly services to adolescents and the youth. In the districts were PREFA is present, youth centres have been established at some health facilities.

PREFA has also trained some health providers and teachers to provide youth-friendly services. The teachers help the children with career guidance, life skills, health education, branding with positive health and life skills. This project is funded by UK-AID.

PREFA engages urban authorities and local governments to prevent and respond to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in greater Kampala and Wakiso districts. The project has two dimensions; advocacy and identification, rehabilitation and re-integration of victims of commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The project is funded by Terre Des Hommes and Girls’ Advocacy Alliance. It is implemented in partnership with Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDeL), with PREFA as the lead partner.