PREFA Strategy:

a) Strengthen commitment of the district leadership to PMTCT service delivery
b) Increased focus on gender issues in integrated PMTCT programs
c) Provide technical guidance that assures quality, comprehensive PMTCT services at all levels.
d) Enhance the provision of integrated, high quality, comprehensive PMTCT services.
e) Strengthen health systems especially training of health workers, hiring health workers to fill human resource gaps, and improvement of infrastructure.
f) Strengthen the monitoring and evaluation system for PMTCT including the Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) and use of strategic information.
g) Strengthen collaboration at national, regional and district levels.
h) Create performance-based grants (PBG) and in­centives in selected districts to improve value for money in PMTCT programming.
i) Create realistic sustainability plans and a viable exit strategy for the project to assure continuity.