To champion comprehensive and evidence-based health and livelihood interventions, through a family-centered approach for the vulnerable and marginalized populations in Uganda


A leader in family centered
interventions towards healthy
and self-sustaining
communities in Uganda


Team Work,
Results and Care

Oversight Leadership and Governance

PREFA is governed by a 7-member Board of Trustees (BoT) that provide oversight leadership and governance to the organization. The Board members have varied rich experiences in Public health, development work, Finance & accounting and legal among others. There are also 3 sub-committees of the board namely; Technical Committee, Executive Committee and Finance Committee. These provide the needed support to both the management and the board of trustees. Once every year, PREFA undergoes an external audit by an internationally recognized audit firm. PREFA also has a full-time Internal Auditor to conduct the internal audits of the organization.

 PREFA practices Corporate Governance principles and practices embedded in its board manual as a prescriptive guide to its Board of Trustees and the Management in implementing the governance practices. However, many of the aforesaid principles and practices are based on the accepted standards of PREFA as the parent organization. Compliance with the Manual by Board Members of PREFA and its Management in the execution of their duly assigned responsibilities is a pre-requisite for instituting corporate governance at direction, Management and operational levels. The supreme governance body of PREFA is the AGM which vests its mandate in the Board of Trustees to whom the Executive Director report.


PREFA has marshaled staff headed by the Executive Director and supported by a team of senior and technical Managers (Programs, Finance & Administration, Monitoring evaluation and learning (MEL), Internal auditor, Research and capacity building ). PREFA has a total of 65 professional staff working and implementing beneficiary and district led community programing.