PREFA Transport Vouchers Saving Lives

PREFA Transport Vouchers Saving Lives

By Esther Nakkazi

Haruna Wamala is an administrator at Kawolo General Hospital, which is located along Kampala-Jinja highway. The PREFA team visited the hospital to catch up with Wamala on his day-to-day activities.

PREFA gives transport vouchers for emergency deliveries. It also facilitates community dialogue and supports the youth center that offers youth-friendly-services. Situated on the highway, the hospital handles at least 7 accidents victims per day.

“We have very few doctors. Ideally, we would need 11 doctors but we have only 5, which creates a shortfall. PREFA helped because we deal with emergencies in maternal health and trauma,” said Wamala.

“The transport vouchers have helped us a lot. The government vote on fuel is only Ushs 4m for 3 months.We make referrals for at least two patients per day. Some health facilities even those near Jinja make referrals to us and we get overwhelmed”

The government funds are supposed to be used for fuel; lighting with the generator when electricity is off, fuelling the ambulance for referrals. But the funds are not enough.

“PREFA transport vouchers compliment the fuel vote. They are for mothers who get complications during delivery and need a referral. Before the PREFA vouchers were available, we suffered from bad publicity within the community,” he said.

“I have seen transport vouchers helping out in emergencies. I can say PREFA has saved a lot of lives. They vouchers are especially working for the young mothers aged 14-17 years. Usually, both mother and baby are saved,” said Grace Auma, community officer PREFA Buikwe.

“The community used to attack us because they did understand the circumstances under which we operate. But now we have community dialogues facilitated by PREFA and our name is good.They do not attack us anymore.”

“The youth corner sponsored by PREFA has helped us organize the youth. They learn from each other and our staff is trained to offer them youth-friendly services. We do not have space yet (the youth corner is under a tent) and we need balls. We also need PREFA to help us with nutrition. Most of our clients both adults and children are malnourished.”